Security at LSU: How to Create & Secure a Windows File Share

General Information

It is important to keep Windows files secure. These steps will show how to create and secure a Windows file share. Also, how do you do the first step for the Windows 7 & Windows 8 Operating Systems.

1. Open the Search feature by pressing "Windows + S" or by opening up the start menu. Type in Computer Management and open the program.

Computer management tab

2. Create a New File Share:

  • Click System Tools | Click Share Folders.

  • Right-click Shares | Click New Share.

Computer Management window

3. Use the Wizard to create a Shared Folder, then click Next.

Create a shared folder wizard

4. Enter the folder path to the folder that you are sharing. You can click Browse to search for a folder to share, or manually enter the name.

  • Folder Path Format:  d:\data\myshare

Create a shared folder wizard

5. Enter the [Share Name]

  • This is typically the Folder Name.

Create A Shared Folder Wizard

6. Select the option Customize permissions and Click Custom.

Create A Shared Folder Wizard

7. To Customize the Share Folder Permissions: 

  • Add the correct Active Directory User(s) &/or Group(s).

    • The Share Permissions only allow User(s) &/or Group(s) to connect to a specific shared Folder. 

    • The User(s) &/or Group(s) must also have the appropriate NTFS Permissions to access the files.

    • NTFS Permissions can be found in Customize Permissions, under the Security tab.

Customize Permissions tab

8. ITS Security and Policy Office recommends that you:

  • Remove Everyone from this list &

  • Add the specific User(s) &/or Group(s) who need access.  

  • User(s) & Group(s) are created and maintained in the domain / LSU Active Directory.

Customize Permissions tab

9. Click Finish to complete the wizard.

Success prompt tab

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