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There are two main ways to find your IP address:

General Information

For every computer connected to the Internet there is a specific identifier called an IP (Internet Protocol) address. IP addresses serve to let computers recognize and find each other. IP addresses are sets of 4 numerical numbers between 0 and 255, separated by periods.

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How to find an IP address through the Network and Sharing Center?

1. From the Start Menu, right-click on Network and click Properties.

screenshot of the properties command on the network dropdown menu.

2. A Network and Sharing Center window will open. Click View status to the right of Local Area Connection. 

screenshot of the network and sharing center window.

3. In the new Local Area Connection Status window that opens, click Details. Your IP Address will be listed among the other connection details.

screenshot of the local area connection status window.         screenshot of the details window.

How to find an IP address through the Command Prompt?

1. From the Start Menu, type Command Prompt in the search field then click Command Prompt once it appears.

screenshot of the command prompt on the search field window.

2. Type the following command & press Enter:

  • cd C:\Windows\System32

3. Type the following command & press Enter:

  • ipconfig
  • ipconfig/all

screenshot of the command prompt screen.

4. The IP address will display along with other LAN details.

screenshot of IP address along with other LAN details.

NOTE: For some computers, instead of typing 'ipconfig', type 'ipconfig/all' in the Command Prompt. Typically, 'ipconfig/all' shows more detailed information such as default gateways and subnet masks.

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