Getting Your MAC Address: Windows 8.1

Find the MAC Address on a Windows 8 Computer

1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard to access the Start screen, then type "cmd." (cmd is the shortened term for Command Prompt.)  

2. A search box will automatically appear and display the result. Click Apps, the first option listed, and then click cmd.exe.

cmd search results in windows 8 at the right hand side of the screen

3. With Command Prompt opened, type ipconfig /all then hit Enter.

cmd window with "ipconfig / all" typed in in the middle of the screen

4. The IP number and MAC address are listed under the appropriate adapter as Physical Address & IPv4 Address. It is located under the current adapter section, based on whether you are using Ethernet or wireless internet. The MAC address is listed next to the title Physical Address, the third option under the current adapter section. The IP Address is listed next to the title IPv4 Address, the seventh option in the section.

  • MAC Address Format :
    • 00:00:00:00:00:00

command prompt displaying the mac address.

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