LSU NTP Service

Current Configuration

LSU provides three (3) NTP Servers that you may use On-Campus or Off-Campus. NTP stands for Network Time Protocol which is a protocol used to synchronize clocks of computers when used.  Depending on your configuration, you may be able to define more than one server. In that case, it is recommended that you list all three servers.


Future Plans

In the future, a second network interface will be added to each server.  This will be an alternate address in the event of network problems.

LSU Alternate NTP Servers:  (FUTURE)


Troubleshooting & Support

Use the name:  if you are only allowed to use one NTP server.

Some devices, like network gear, accept a DNS name, but store the actual IP Address. You will need to confirm that you are configured by name and not the address in the near future as the addresses of the NTP servers are changing. If your device does not store an address instead of a name, please confirm that it has the correct address. 

NTP services are provided by LSU and HPC@LSU.  For additional assistance, please contact

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