Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8): Join the LSU Domain

To Join the LSU Domain on a OS X Mountain Lion Operating System:

1. Select the Apple icon on the top left of the screen.

2. Select System Preferences from the dropdown menu.

system preferences command in dropdown menu

3. Select Users and Groups in the bottom left of the window.

users and groups in the preferences dialog box.

4. Click Join in the middle of the window.

 the join button next to "Network Account Server"

5. Click Open Directory Utility in the middle of the window.

open directory utility button.

6. Double-click on Active Directory from the list of options under Select a Service.

 active directory shown at the top of list

  • Populate the following information into the Directory Utility box:
    • Active Directory Domain:
    • Computer ID:  [COMPUTER_NAME]

7. Click Bind under the Computer ID fieldbox.

 bind button in the services dropdown

8. Enter your myLSU ID and password.  (myLSU ID@LSU.EDU).  At the bottom right of the window, select OK.

Network administrator required dialog box.

9. Click OK at the bottom right of the window.

 ok button.

10. Populate User Experience options:

  • Check-  Create mobile account at login
  • Check-  Use UNC path from Active Directory to derive network home location
  • Network Protocol to be used:
    • smb:
  • Check-  Default user shell:
    • /bin/bash

11. Go to Step 12 OR Click OK at the bottom right of the window to continue.

 the directory utility dialog box.

12. If you want others to be able to administer the machine, you will have to go into the Administrative tab.  (Optional)

  • Check-  Allow Administration by:
  • Populate with the appropriate Active Directory Group or User(s).

13. Click OK at the bottom right of the window.

 OK button at the bottom of directory utility

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