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General Information

Alison is a free and open-to-anyone website for professional training and provides e-certificates upon completion of a topic. Anyone in the LSU community (or out) can access online training resources with FREE certificates 24x7 through Alison.  Sign up is via Email or connected services like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Hotmail ( to access the course contents.

Alison offers over 3000 online courses for Personal Development & Soft Skills, and business and Enterprise skills training. New courses are added every week. There are popular free courses for students like:

 Free Human Resource & Technical certificate courses for Faculty and IT professionals are offered by Alison. Below are examples of a few current courses

Once you have completed your course, you can download your learner record as proof of your accomplishment. While this certificate isn't a formal qualification from LSU or your current school, you can use it to demonstrate your interest in and passion for a certain course to potential employers, universities, and other educational institutions. 

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