Microsoft Teams: Requesting a MS Team

Requesting a New Microsoft Team: 

Microsoft Teams is accessible by LSU Flagship Faculty, Staff, and Students.

Microsoft Team requests can be submitted by Faculty and Staff via an email to OR requested through the ITS Service Catalog. If sending an email, in order for your request to be considered, the following steps must be observed.

  • The support ticket should be submitted with the subject line: "Attn: ITS NASA-- Request for New MS Team."
  • Include the name of the LSU Flagship department that is requesting the MS Team in the content of the request ticket
  • Include the name and contact information of an identified owner to administer the usage
  • Include the business justification for the team being requested
  • Include the preferred name for your MS team in the format: Team - [Department] - [Team name]
  • Names cannot include special characters ~ # % & * { } + / \ : < > ? | ' " ..
  • For Department please use the abbreviation of your college or department.
    • Examples: Engr, Lib, LAW, ORED, etc. Not your department name inside of your Organization.
  • Once a team is created you can change the name to include these special Characters and it only changes the display name at that point.

Note to Students and GA's: the Faculty or Staff member must send the request to ITS directly. No student or GA requests on behalf of any faculty or staff will be accepted.


Regarding Teams Classrooms:

Several years ago, LSU faculty and students went through the process of transitioning to a single learning management system (LMS), and Moodle was selected by faculty as that single solution.

As the University community worked remotely during the pandemic, the use of Microsoft Teams has expanded and with that additional use, some have begun using a feature of Teams known as Teams Classroom, resulting in two environments being utilized for LMS functionality. In order to maintain support and service levels for our faculty and students, ITS will not be processing requests for new Teams Classroom creations at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience and encourage you to discuss your LMS needs with the Faculty Technology Center, who stands ready to ensure we meet your virtual classroom expectations.

To reach out to the FTC for your LMS needs, please email or see further resources at the following link:

4/1/2024 9:19:42 AM