Teams Telephony: Dialing Instructions

For Emergencies, dial 911

For LSU PD Dispatch, Dial 8-3231 on-campus or 578-3231 from a mobile device


On-Campus Calling

LSU Prefixes: 578 & 334

Dial 8 then the four-digit number or 4 then the four-digit number.

(Example: 8-1234 or 4-1234)

Dial by Name

In the Teams Application, you can dial a number simply by typing the person’s name or myLSU ID.

(Example: mikethetiger or Mike T. Tiger)


Local Calls (off campus)

Dial the Phone Number

(Example: 555-1212)


US & Canada Long Distance Calls

1 + Area Code + Phone Number

(Example: 1-225-555-1212)

For a current list of Domestic Area Codes by US State and Canada, please visit NANPA Area Code Map


International Calls

Dial 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number

(Example: 011-123-456-555-1212)

For a current list of Country Codes, please visit

NOTE: Please use a standard Teams meeting, when possible, to reduce long distance costs to the University.


6/7/2024 9:51:36 AM