Download MyMathLab Plug-in

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In order to complete your MyMathLab Homework from your home computer, you must first download the MyMathLab Plug-in.

Download the MyMathLab Plug-in

1. Open Internet Explorer. (DO NOT use any other browser, ONLY works in IE.)

2. Type in in the address bar and press Enter.

3. Log in to MyMathLab.

4. Find and click on your homework. Click on a homework problem.

5. Select the Installation Wizard.

Installation Wizard

6. Click Allow ActiveX, located under "To install this software" and follow the instructions.

7. Click Next.
8. Click Install Now.

Install Now button

9. Click Next when the installation is complete.
10. Select Yes. Install the latest TestGen Plug-in now if you do not have it already.

11. Click Next.

12. If you see the Video, click Next.

13. If you do not see the video, like the image below, you MUST click the install QuickTime Player button.

Quick Time Video

NOTE: This is what it will look like if you DO NOT see the Video.

14. Click Next if asked if you see the PDF below. If you DO NOT see the PDF, click Install Adobe Reader.

15. Click Next if your text fits inside the yellow box displayed. If it DOES NOT fit inside the yellow box displayed, click Tell me how to adjust text size.

16. Click Done upon completion.

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