LSU Network Device Registration: Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Welcome to LSU Network Registration!

In order for a Computer to be used on the Louisiana State University Network, it must first be registered with the device registration portal (DRP). This registration must be renewed every year for most new equipment.
If you've come to this page it's typically because your computer has not previously been registered or has been de-registered.

Do I Have to Register my Computer?

Maybe, it depends on your affiliation with the university.

  • Faculty & Staff: Yes, if you want to connect to the LSU Network.
  • Students: No, typically students can connect their laptop computer to the eduroam Wireless Network. Yes, if you have a specific need to connect to the LSU Network. (ex. Student Worker Responsibilities)

By nature, the protocol is VERY  insecure. By associating a valid user with each machine on campus, we are helping keep anonymity to a minimum.  

Once the Registration is complete, you may move your workstation to other areas of the University. When you plug in you will still maintain your network access with DHCP.

I'm a Guest or LSU Visitor, Do I still HAVE to Register my Computer?

Yes, even guests must register in order to join the LSU network. Contact a faculty or staff member in order to receive a Guest Account, the account will be created in Guest Accounts can ONLY be sponsored by current LSU Faculty & Staff. Guest Accounts are temporary and typically only work for 1 week.

  • First Time Registration: All computers on the LSU network are REQUIRED to register through DRP. 
  • Annual Registration Renewal: All computers on the LSU network that want to remain on the network are REQUIRED to Re-Register ANNUALLY.  

Will this affect the way I use my computer?

No. In most cases, it won't affect the day-to-day use of your computer. After the initial registration, you shouldn't notice that device registration exists.

Will my IP Address change?

Maybe. Once registered with the device registration portal, your computer will be assigned an LSU IP every time it turns on. There is a chance that this IP will change periodically, depending on the number of other devices connected to the network simultaneously.

The device registration portal allows you to track computers on the University network through its host name. After registration, your computer will be assigned a unique name based on your participation in the LSU Active Directory. For example, if the computer is a member of the Active Directory and has a computer name of otc-johnsmith, your hostname will be On the other hand, if your computer is not a member of the Active Directory it will be assigned a name based on the hostname used to register the computer. For example, if your hostname is johns-pc and you are not a member of the Active Directory, your hostname will be This hostname will stay with the computer, no matter where the computer is located in the university.

Why do I have to register again if I have already registered before?

Possible Solutions:

  1. Has your registration expired?  OR
  2. Have you have been unregistered from the system?  OR
  3. Have you have changed your networking interface? (Possibly though an upgrade or repair?)

How do I set up my computer to use Network Registration?

The Service Desk will be able to advise you of the correct network settings when initially registering the computer.

  • Generally, it is sufficient to the let the computer automatically determine all network settings (including IP Address & DNS Servers). The settings automatically provided depend on the current location of the computer, and may change every time the computer is turned on.
  • Exception is if the computer is being used for a very special purpose, but otherwise these changes will not have any effect on the way you currently use your computer.

Which Devices are Supported?

Device registration is designed to allow maximum flexibility in support various devices on the LSU network. Almost all computers and most other networking devices (such as printers, IP telephones, etc) should work flawlessly with the device registration portal.

The ITS Service Desk will be able to assist you in configuring DRP and to work with your device.

What do I do if I have reached my "limit of possible registrations" or  I need to register a group of lab computers?

  • Students, Faculty & Staff are allowed five (5) Registrations. (limits by default)
  • If you have reached your limit, first try to remove old and unnecessary Registrations. Call the ITS Service Desk at 8-3375.
  • If you still need more than 5 Registrations, such as managing a lab with multiple machines, you will need to contact your department’s Technology Service Professional (TSP) so that they may add the device to the BlueCat Address Manager.
    • The Service Desk will be able to give you the contact information of your department’s Technology Service Professional (TSP).


How do I renew my current Registration?

  • Log into the device registration portal with your MyLSU ID and MyLSU Password.
  • First, click the Delete button on the device to manually remove the desired registration.
  • Secondly, if you are logged into the device registration portal from the computer you are trying to renew, please click the Detect button next to the MAC Address field. Add a Description and Device Type in the next two fields, and then click the Register button.
  • You may click on the Refresh Registered button to get an updated list of devices registered with your account.
  • If you are not logged into the device that you wish to register, you may register any device by manually typing the desired device's MAC address into the MAC Address field, adding a Description, selecting the Device Type, and clicking the Register button.

How do I Renew my Printer / Xbox / Playstation?

  • Log into the device registration portal with the myLSU ID it was originally registered under.
    • Register any printer or game console (excluding Nintendo 3DS) by manually typing the desired device’s MAC address into the MAC Address field, adding a Description, selecting the Device Type, and clicking the Register button.
    • View detailed instructions: Networking: Connect Your Game Console to the LSU Network.

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