Computer Labs: Printing Problems

Printer Malfunction or Poor Print Quality

1. Bring your TigerCard and your print job to the Lab Monitor on duty in the lab where the original document was printed.

2. The Lab Monitor will verify that the print job was done in that computer lab, and re-print at no additional cost.

3. If your account was charged for more pages than were meant to print, the Lab Monitor on duty can submit a TigerCash refund request on your behalf. Refunds can take up to 1 month to be applied.

NOTE: Refunds will not be provided for user errors in printing.

Error Messages

When trying to print wirelessly, there is an error that gets reported on 10.8+ saying that something was not installed correctly. This is because the Pharos software is not installed properly. This can be fixed by:

1. Go to the system properties menu.

2. Click Printers.

3. Click the desired printer that you would like to print wirelessly to.

4. Click "Open Print Queue".

  • What will happen is that there will be a menu saying something along the lines of "Software is missing" or "Software was not installed correctly", followed by an option that implies the ability to install the software. Click "Install".

  • After this has completed, the printer should work as intended.

10/23/2023 12:13:56 PM