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Connecting a XOOM to eduroam Wireless Network 1. From the home screen select the ...
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General Information The LSU wireless guest network ( lsuguest ) is for the exclusive use of sponsored guests. Access to lsuguest requires user authentication in the form of a web portal. LSU faculty and staff can create guest accounts at .
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Guest Accounts for Wireless Connectivity An LSU NetGuest account is required to provide guests on LSU campus with internet access via Guest Wireless. The NetGuest account does not provide access to any other campus resource. Any full-time member of the LSU Faculty or Staff may request a NetGuest Account in order for a campus...
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Browser Settings: Check your Browser Settings & make sure the following are NOT Enabled: Internet Explorer 1. Click on Tools | I nternet Options | Connections | LAN...
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Please see below for how to Forget a Network on various devices. Windows PCs Windows 10 Windows...
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To Forget a Wireless Network (Android Devices): 1. Select Settings (Within Apps Folder or on Home...
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How to Forget a Network (iOS 7): 1. Choose Settings. 2. Select ...
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How to Forget a Network (Mac OS X): 1. Open System Preferences. 2. Select ...
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To Forget a Wireless Network (Windows10): 1. In the bottom right corner of your screen, select the Networking tab.
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