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General Information

The mission of the LSU Foundation is to foster private financial support for LSU, the LSU Agricultural Center, the LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center and the LSU System Office. The Foundation encourages and receives philanthropic gifts and bequests, including both restricted and unrestricted gifts. The Foundation also manages the investment of endowed funds and other private assets.
Gifts to the foundation add a margin of excellence over and above the appropriate level of state support and are not intended to replace state funds. Most importantly, behind every gift to the Foundation is an individual or organization determined to advance the quality of education.

Resources for Colleagues

LSU Foundation Resources for Colleagues

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the LSU Foundation the same as the LSU Alumni Association?
No. The two organizations are separate but both work together to improve the LSU community. The Alumni Association focuses on maintaining and growing alumni relationships with the university, while the LSU Foundation focuses primarily on providing academic support for LSU and managing LSU's endowment.

What is an endowment?
An endowment is a charitable gift that is invested and managed in a way that allows it, over time, to provide an income stream to the beneficiary while maintaining the gift's purchasing power in perpetuity. 

Can I determine where my support goes? 
YES. The LSU Foundation believes in being "donor-driven," that is, we believe in letting you, the donor, determine which academic unit you wish to support. If you are an Engineering graduate, for example, and want to support the LSU College of Engineering, we will see to it that your donation impacts Engineering. We're also not limited just to colleges... we will help you find ways to help specific research programs, scholarships, student life programs and any other facet of the educational experience at LSU.

Are there other ways besides monetary giving to help LSU?
Of course! We here at the Foundation encourage all forms of engagement and participation with the students, faculty and staff at LSU. We can help you become a mentor for LSU students, provide information on internships and put you in touch with people who can help you in the hiring of LSU students. We also encourage our members and friends to recruit high school students for LSU and spread the good news about how LSU is moving upward among universities worldwide.

What is the "Forever LSU" Campaign?
The Forever LSU campaign is a special undertaking by every organization on campus to focus on building financial support for LSU. The campaign began on June 19, 2006 with a goal to raise $750 million by 2010. The Forever LSU campaign will be a monumental achievement in LSU's history, and it is our hope that every friend of LSU will join us in this vital effort to support our university community.

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