Digital Media Services: LSU Overview

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General Information

Digital Imaging and Video Services (DIVS) offer resources for digitized content including audio/visual conversions, image scanning, photographic and audio visual training, photography and videography services for charge. In addition, we offer consultations regarding academic use of photography, videography, best practices of digital media for academic purposes, and related topics. DIVS works directly with the Faculty Technology Center (FTC) to further aid academic technology use on the LSU campus. 

Eligibility & Order Procedures

Available To:             LSU Faculty, Students & Staff.

Delivery Time:          Varies, dependent upon concurrent workload and project complexity.

Request Service:     Contact Digital Imaging & Video Services  (Monday-Friday  8:00 AM – 4:30 PM)


Digital Imaging Services

1. Digital Printing: Using Epson inkjet printers, we offer professional, archival, pigmented prints up to 13x19 inches on a variety of surfaces. Please note: this service does not accommodate high-volume orders.
    Fees:  Up to 5 x 7”, $5 each; 8 x 10, $10 each; 11 x 14, $14; 13 x 19, $20.

2. Image Scanning: Our scanner provides resolution up to 6400 pixels-per-inch (optical resolution), if necessary, and will accommodate negative and positive film and paper originals up to 8 x 10 inches.
   Fees:    $5/image for raw scans on disc. Any post-processing (dust-removal, color correction, cropping, custom sizing and formatting) will be charged at $40 per staff hour.

  •   Note: DIVS also has a scanning station available for faculty, staff, and student use. Please contact for more information.

3. Photographic and Audio Visual Training: Training may take various forms including, but not limited to: workshops, one-on-one consultation, hands-on guided experience, and how-to videos. Subjects include, but are not limited to: Cameras, Lighting, software, printing, basic Color management, Advanced Techniques.

4. Studio Photography: Encompasses all photographic work that may be performed in the studio including, but not limited to: artwork documentation and portraiture.
   Fees:    Studio ($80/hr); Location ($100/hr without lights, $120/hr with lights); Image capture: ($5/per image –you will receive a copy of the file); Post-processing*: ($40/staff hour)

    *Photoshop work including: color correction, custom sizing, borders, captions, layout, etc.

Digital Media - Audio Services & Video Services

1. Studio Videography: Encompasses all videography work that may be performed in the studio including, but not limited to: short documentaries and podcasts.
    Fees:    Studio ($80/hr); Location ($100/hr without lights, $120/hr with lights); Post-processing*: ($40/staff hour)

*Video editing is done in Final Cut Pro, which includes short video projects, podcasts, etc.

2. Audio Capture - Characterized as any live audio recorded captured via various means. Once the raw audio is captured, it may be simply transferred to the client, or it may be edited and processed to meet client specifications.

3. Audio Conferencing

  • AT&T   -- This is a pay-as-you use service similar to the 'meet-me' conferences.

4. Video Services

  • LSU On-Campus Video Conferencing
  • Kaltura -- a tool available to LSU faculty, staff and students for video publishing, management and distribution.
  • Panopto  -- Panopto is a lecture capture solution available to the entire Baton Rouge LSU campus.  The Recorded Lecture is delivered to students through Moodle. 


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