Training & Development: LSU Overview

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General Information

Training and Development  within an organization is essential in order to succeed. LSU Students, Faculty, and Staff can find training opportunities through the following Departments on campus, including but not limited to:   

  • Information Technology Services
  • Office of Human Resource Management 
  • Residential Life
  •  E. J. Ourso College of Business
  • Center for Computation and Technology
  • Center for Academic Success (CAS)
  • Communication Across the Curriculum (CxC)

Training Opportunities at LSU

LSU offers a variety of training opportunities catering to the different learning styles of the diverse student, faculty, and staff population at the University. Training Offering features and skills include the following: Institutional Procedures, Technology Skills, Faculty Pedagogy, Academic Technology, Leadership, General Office Skills, Safety, and Computer Security.

  1. Microsoft Imagine Academy: LSU Overview

Microsoft Imagine Academy was an online training resource with over 300 Microsoft e-learning courses. It is currently provided in an archival format via spreadsheet with links to current online Microsoft resources. A great, FREE resource for preparing for Microsoft certification exams.

Available To: ALL LSU Students, Faculty, and Staff.

Delivery Time: Online Access is provided 24/7.

  1. FTC (Faculty Technology Center): LSU Overview

The Faculty Technology Center provides training on a wide variety of technologies and software applications that can be used to enhance teaching, learning, and research at LSU. 

Available To: LSU Faculty ONLY

Web site: Visit for more information. 

Office Location: 101 Frey Computing Center

  1. CxC (Communication across the Curriculum): LSU Overview

Communication across the Curriculum provides technologies to help faculty incorporate communication-intensive components to their courses, and provides services for students to improve their written, spoken, visual, and technological communication skills. 

Available To: LSU Students and Faculty ONLY

Delivery Time: Visit for more information.    

Office Location: 151 Coates Hall.

  1.  LSU Human Resource Management Training: LSU Overview

LSU Human Resource Management provides Training on LSU specific information including Performance Evaluation System (PES) Training, New Employee Orientation, Introduction to Sponsored Programs, Financially Preparing for Retirement, etc.

Available To: LSU Faculty and Staff ONLY.

  1. CAS (Center for Academic Success): LSU Overview

The Center for Academic Success provides students with the academic support that they need to maximize their success in the courses they take. It designs and implements a wide range of programs such as Supplemental Instruction, Tutoring, "Study Smarter" Workshops, Individual Assistance, Service-Learning, and Hands-on Computer Workshops.

Available To: LSU Students ONLY.

Web Site: Visit for more information.  

Office Location: B-31 Coates Hall.  

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