Using GlobalProtect VPN Client for Windows

Using GlobalProtect VPN Client For Windows

1. Bring up the GlobalProtect application by clicking on its icon in the taskbar:

GlobalProtect application icon in taskbar


2. When ask for the Portal Address, enter, then click Connect:

Portal address menu


3. In the Sign In window, enter your myLSU/PAWS ID without the, your password, then click Sign In:

Sign in window


4. To log out or disconnect from the VPN portal, click on GlobalProtect Icon on the system tray (1), then click on the top right of the pop-up window (2), then click Disable (3):

Disable button


5. To reconnect to campus VPN, click on the GlobalProtect icon on the System Tray (1), then click Enable (2). Sign in per step 3 above.

Enable button for GlobalProtect


For instructions on how to use the GlobalProtect VPN Client for Mac, please refer to this GROK article: Using GlobalProtect VPN Client for Mac

12/17/2020 6:18:34 PM