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To Forget a Wireless Network (Windows10): 1. In the bottom right corner of your screen, select the Networking tab.
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Known Issue Mac computers will occasionally experience difficulties connecting to wireless networks using 802.1X security. Here are four possible solutions for resolving problems connecting a Mac computer to the eduroam wireless network. Important Note: If the first solution does not correct the problem, move to the...
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Most Common Problems 1. Computer Date & Time : If your computer has the wrong date and time it won't be able to connect to eduroam. 2. Password Change : Make sure your password change has taken effect by logging to a lab computer.
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Wireless: Remove Cached Credentials (Windows 7) 1. Open the control panel by searching it in the Cortana search box.
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Problem: The Windows Client Cannot Connect to eduroam On certain Windows computers, the AAA Certificate Services was not included in the certificate store of the original installation media. Without this certificate, Windows client cannot connect to...
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General Information On May 17th 2014, ITS officially RETIRED the secure wireless network " lsusecure ", making " eduroam " the ONLY secure wireless option at LSU. For many years, ITS has made eduroam available to make...
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General Information On January 1, 2014, ITS discontinued support for the 802.11b Protocol on the LSU wireless network. Find out if any of your devices will ONLY SUPPORT 802.11b.
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5 GHz Network Band Capability Check on a Mac 1. Click the Apple icon located in the top-left portion of the screen and select About this Mac .
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Do you Want a Faster and More Reliable LSU Wi-Fi Experience? It’s Easy if You Geaux Dual...
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General Information The LSU wireless network is available to all LSU students, faculty, and staff. It provides all the conveniences of a regular wired connection without the need for cables. As a shared resource, wireless networking is intended primarily to supplement the campus wired infrastructure, not to replace it. ITS is committed to providing...
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