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LSU is implementing Conditional Access for Office 365. This change will impact Office365 users accessing their email from clients that do not support Modern Authentication . Office 2010 and 2013 do not support modern authentication. Please see below for...
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Moodle courses now have the option to be displayed in different themes. Along with the traditional Essentials theme, instructors can now use the newer Snap theme. This article contains information on how to change between these two themes. To change the Moodle course theme from SNAP to...
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To Upload an Assignment: 1. Log on to Moodle and select the desired course. 2. Click the Assignment link.
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***IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only change your preferred name once. Then it must be reset by a Moodle Administrator. Moodle users have the option to change their preferred first name. Students : Your preferred name will appear to your classmmates and instructors. However, instructors will still see your legal name in...
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Changing Default Theme for Course Creation 1. On the Moodle Home page, scroll down near the bottom of the page to the Course Preferences options and choose Creation/Enrollment .
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The Available to students setting determines whether the course appears in the list of courses. Apart from teachers and administrators, users are not allowed to enter the course. How to Make a Course Available in SNAP 1. Log in to Moodle and select the...
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Faculty/Staff Technology Moodle - New SNAP Theme See a list of all SNAP articles . These will help with most Moodle SNAP issues. Faculty 360 See the Faculty 360: LSU Overview .
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Accessing the Cherwell Client Portal Customers can access the client portal online at . Customers may use their myLSU ID to login and create, edit, and view their Service Desk tickets. Customers who do not have a myLSU...
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Resolving the "treb-inv" Error Some users may have an issue opening tickets within Cherwell due to an error that states: "Culture is not supported, treb-inv is an invalid culture identifier." If you are experiencing this error, please follow the steps...
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General Information Departmental printers can be defined as LSU mainframe printers for distributed printing of mainframe reports. Mainframe batch jobs and online transactions often generate report outputs that can be routed to the destination of choice for a mainframe user. This service provides the work to generate a mainframe definition that...
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