Interference: Rogue Wireless Access Points in On Campus Housing

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General Information

Rogue access points are secondary wireless access points that can interfere with the signals of the original network, causing signal distortion and slowness. They are often set up by devices such as printers, media devices, or personal routers, even if the owner is unaware that it has happened. The signals can not only conflict with eduroam's signals, but can also be a network security hazard depending on the rogue network's security settings.

It is required to disable ALL rogue access points at LSU, in accordance with Policy Statement 121, especially in regards to the residential halls where multiple rogue signals will degrade and interfere with the original signal from eduroam. Instructions on how to disable wireless signals vary by device, but links to common printer brands and other devices are included below.

Please Note: If a student attempts to use a router or other device to purposely extend the eduroam signal, they will lose internet access to their residence hall room or apartment.

Wireless Printers

  • You should disable any wireless functions of the printer. Use a USB cable, or print from the LSU Library printer instead.
  • If you use a new Macbook and do not have a USB port, you may find an adapter cable for USB-C to USB from the LSU Bookstore, Amazon, Walmart, or other local retailers.

Possible Rouge Access Points

Still Need Help?

If you need further support or your brand is not listed on this page, try searching the internet for instructions on your specific model. If you are unable to find instructions, please contact ITS support through the information below so that we may work with you on how to service your printer.

You may also contact the ResLife Service Desk if you need further specific support or a personal visit to troubleshoot turning off wireless on your device:

LSU ResLife IT Service Desk
10/26/2023 2:39:47 PM