LSU Admissions: How Do I Check My Application Status?


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Undergraduate Application Status

(For incoming students from high school or GED)

NOTE: If you have not yet scheduled classes, please see the following page to access your application checklist:

You will NOT be able to use the steps below if you need to use the application checklist above instead.

If you don't already have an affiliated status with LSU, you can check your Louisiana State University Undergraduate application status through the following instructions by LSU Admissions:


Graduate School Application Status

The Graduate School application process is separate from the Undergraduate application process. Graduate School Website:

For Graduate School Application Status, go to the LSU Graduate School Application main site.


Re-Entry Student Application Status

For Re-Entry students, please see the information on the following LSU Admissions page:


Transfer Student Application Status

This information is ONLY for students transferring to LSU from another University. For more information, please see the following LSU Admissions page:

1. Log into myLSU.

2. Select Student Services menu at the left sidebar, then choose Application Status.

3. Application status is now displayed.

Application Status page


International Student Application Status

For International students, please see the information on the following LSU Admissions page:


If you have further questions about this process, please contact LSU Admissions at or call 225-578-1175.


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