This document is to establish the Service Level Agreement for LSU’s Linux-based IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service). 

Service Availability

ITS does not currently guarantee a service availability target but strives to maintain 99.9% availability, excluding pre-established monthly maintenance windows and down time caused by changes made or requested by the customer.

No service credits are offered for down time exceeding any service availability goals. 

Emergency maintenance: 

ITS reserves the right to perform emergency maintenance, updates, and virtual machine reboots at any time due to the need to maintain the highest levels of IT Security and resolve service-impacting issues. ITS will strive to inform customers as soon as possible when it is determined that emergency maintenance must be performed, but advance notice may not always be given.

Routine maintenance: 

Routine maintenance will be performed within a monthly maintenance window and will often include virtual machine reboots, which will require minimal service interruption. The maintenance window for each virtual machine will fall within the 2nd week of the month (12:00AM Monday - 11:59PM Friday). Each customer will be notified of their virtual machine’s exact maintenance window, and the maintenance schedule will be sent via e-mail in advance of any maintenance occurring. A reminder will also be sent out via ITS’s Change Management protocol the week prior to the maintenance window.

If routine maintenance fails or needs to be delayed by ITS, the customer will be contacted as soon as possible to establish a new maintenance window. It is the customer’s responsibility to contact ITS to reschedule routine maintenance if there is a conflict with the pre-established maintenance window.

Supported Linux Operating Systems

The following operating systems will be supported by ITS:

  • CentOS
  • RHEL (approval required for licensing purposes)
  • Virtual Appliances (approved on a case-by-case basis)

Any other Linux operating systems must be approved by ITS, and services for these machines will be limited to the hosting of the virtual machine and best-effort support by the ITS Server Team.

Included in Service
  • Provisioning of the IAAS items.
  • Maintenance of the underlying IAAS infrastructure, including physical storage and network equipment. 
  • Maintenance and break-fix support of the IAAS items, including only:
    • Base operating system (see Supported Linux Operating Systems above) as installed by ITS.
    • Security.
    • Underlying infrastructure.
    • System-critical bugs as defined by ITS Security.
  • Remote desktop and console access to the virtual machine.
  • Management access (e.g. vCenter, Satellite, Spacewalk).
  • Virtual machine security (including physical security of the Data Center and malware/virus protection).
Not Included in Service

(This list is not limited to these items but covers items about which customers frequently ask.)

  • Application/middleware (e.g. Apache, TomCat, Java) updates.
  • Application/middleware maintenance.
  • Application support.
  • Data Center access.
  • All issues that arise due to customer negligence and/or error.

Work will not be started without an applicable work order or trouble ticket. 

10/30/2023 1:40:55 PM