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Data Classification Data at LSU can be classified into three categories (Confidential, Private or Public). Confidential data has a high level of sensitivity. Private data has a moderate level of sensitivity. Public data has a low level of sensitivity. Each category carries a different level of access and reputation risk. PS06.20...
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The LSU National Flagship Agenda is a plan which focuses on taking steps that will increase research and scholarly productivity and the quality of both undergraduate and graduate students. One goal is to place LSU in a position to compete on all levels with the finest public universities in the country. To find out more about...
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IT Policy Statements: Quick Reference NOTE: This is an abbreviated list of commonly referred to Policy Statements. This is NOT a comprehensive list. For details on ALL IT Polices & Laws,...
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Networking Resources: Use Of Computing Resources This is LSU's General Policy for Computer Users' Responsibilities. GENERAL POLICY Use of the University’s computing resources and network capacity is a privilege, not a right. LSU may...
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DMCA The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of...
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