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Order Textbooks: 1. Log into the myLSU Portal . ( 2. Select Registration Services , then choose Textbooks by...
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Category: Scheduling Courses

Registrar Information Contact the Registrar's Office Office of the University Registrar Reaching...
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Category: Scheduling Courses

Online Course Waitlist-ing On-line waitlisting is a new registration feature that allows students to wait for seats to open in a full section of a class. It does not guarantee students' seats , but it does let the students hold a spot in...
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Requesting a scholarship query only takes a few minutes. Once a scholarship has been registered, the query can be viewed anytime using the TRX Code. Request a Scholarship Query 1. Login...
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The Choose a Scholarship Query feature is used for queries that have been previously registered. Administrators though are allowed to choose the data they wish to have exported. Locate a Registered Scholarship Query 1. Login to...
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LSU has recently introduced the Scholarship Query feature to assist administrators in identifying and sorting potential scholarship recipients. The Scholarship Query allows users to build and view existing scholarship queries. Access the Scholarship Query 1. Login to...
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Undergraduate Application Status (For incoming students from high school or...
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Register for Student Tickets: LSU Football To register for student tickets you will need to use your LSU ID number. Find out what your LSU ID number is. 1. With your LSU ID number in hand, go...
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General Information TurningPoint Clickers are devices that allow a student to respond in real-time to in-person polls, quizzes, surveys, and more. Instructors can see the results live and collect or display...
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