Connect to Wireless: LSU Overview

General Information

Available To:  

  • LSU Students, Faculty, Staff, Visitors who participate in eduroam, & Sponsored Guests.

Networks Broadcasted:

The following are the LSU wireless networks that are broadcasted on-campus.

  • eduroam:
    • The wireless network that provides secure connectivity to LSU students, faculty, staff, & visitors from eduroam participating institutions.
    • eduroam for LSU users requires authentication to be entered in the form of <PAWS ID> & <Your PAWS Password>.
    • If you are having problems getting the logon box to display, you may need to Clear the Cached Credentials.
    • eduroam Wireless: LSU Overview
  • lsuguest:
  • lsuwifihelp:
    • Provides information regarding wireless connectivity at LSU. Internet Access IS NOT available on this network.
    • If you are unable to connect or need assistance, please contact the Help Desk at 225.578.3375.
    • Personal assistance is also available in the following locations:  (1) Middleton Library Information Commons Help Desk & (2) Frey Computing Services Center Help Desk.


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